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Special Needs Schipperke
Name: Sweetie Age: Senior Latest update: 07-26-2022 Permanent Foster Care
Sweetie has acclimated very well to her new home. She continues her heart and heartworm medication. Her cough from her heart issues has become very infrequent. Initially she strictly bonded with Joy and for her first year with us she was not very warm towards me. After about a year she determined I was ok and now comes to me and nudges my hand to rub her ears and stroke her back. In February 2022 we added Mable, a miniature Australian Shepherd. While Izzy was not tolerant of this new invader Sweetie enjoyed the attention and activity which has been good for her. When we brought Sweetie home due to her history we weren’t sure she would last a year. We just wanted whatever time she had to be comfortable. She has certainly been surprising and is now in her third year with us! Sweetie has been a great fit for our home and is one of the pack!
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